Rumola Light - bypass CAPTCHA

Rumola Light - bypass CAPTCHA

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Rumola solves those tricky authorization text filled images in web pages (CAPTCHAs) instead of you.

*** This is a beta release! Please, contact us ( in case of bad work! ***

Rumola is a browser extension that is now compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari browsers. Unfortunately, most mobile browsers do not support extensions yet.

Rumola LIGHT is a BOOKMARK that consists of a script instead of a web site (also known as a Bookmarklet). It is compatible with the majority of browsers that are found on home computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phone.

Selecting the Rumola LIGHT BOOKMARK will run a script on the current web page. The script will automatically search and solve CAPTCHAs. You can continue using the page (for example, to fill form fields) while Rumola does its work and solves the CAPTCHA for you. Rumola and Rumola LIGHT are particularly useful for blind and visually impaired people.

To install Rumola LIGHT on your default browser, install this application, click the "Install" button and then check your bookmarks for the Rumola icon.

Get Rumola LIGHT for a free test — you can run Rumola five times to prove it works. Thereafter, buy credits as you need them.

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